Macaulay2 is a free open-source software for reserach in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Users can contribute to Macaulay2 by writing packages that extend the core functionalities.

We are organizing a virtual Macaulay2 workshop from Monday, May 11 to Friday, May 15, 2020. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers of different backgrounds and expertise levels to collaborate on developing packages for Macaulay2. The workshop will be conducted using a combination of Zoom and Slack.

This event is organized by Federico Galetto, Courtney Gibbons, Hiram López, and Branden Stone.
All project information is hosted in a Github repository. Participants can edit the wiki page to join and create projects.
Taylor Ball
Mary Barker
Sankhaneel Bisui
Michael Burr
Eduardo Camps
Justin Chen
Henry Chimal Dzul
Tim Duff
David Eisenbud
Matthew Faust
Luigi Ferraro
Francesca Gandini
Courtney Gibbons
Leah Gold
Dan Grayson
Marc Haerkoenen
Ben Hollering
Amy Huang
Daoji Huang
Delio Jaramillo Velez
Zhan Jiang
Kisun Lee
Anton Leykin
Diane Maclagan
Sarasij Maitra
Kelly Maluccio
Aida Maraj
Matt Mastroeni
Thai Nguyen
Xianglong Ni
Nathan Nichols
Maryam Nowroozi
Dylan Peifer
Matt Perkins
Erika Pirnes
Asiyeh Rafieipour
Ritvik Ramkumar
Jose Israel Rodriguez
Mahrud Sayrafi
Karl Schwede
Lily Silverstein
Joseph Skelton
Greg Smith
Ivan Soprunov
Mike Stillman
Fatemeh Tarashi Kashani
Andrew Tawfeek
Elise Walker
Rachel Webb
Nate Welty
Gwyn Whieldon
Jay White
Thomas Yahl
Jay Yang
Radoslav Zlatev